All you need to know about business setup in UAE

How KPI team will help you in setting up your business in the UAE

KPI will be pleased to help you in your business setup in UAE. KPI team with decades of experience in the process of Company formation in UAE will help you and provide you turn key, hassle free solutions. Right from assessing your requirements to getting your business started we will be there for you, we will be there with you during the entire process. That means, we do all that takes to start your dream venture.

  • Which business activities you intend to carry out?
  • How it can be mapped to the appropriate activities code of the respective licensing authority or Free Zone authority?
  • Which is the ideal place to carry out your business activities (mainland Dubai or other emirates ) or Free Zone (Dubai Free Zones or Free Zones in other emirates)
  • Which corporate structure / legal structure is appropriate for your business
  • What application forms and other documents are required to be completed to obtain the trade license and other operating licenses to start your operations
  • Complete the entire documentation, complete the process and obtain the license
  • Getting residence permits and visas.

Why Set Up your Business in UAE?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a destination of choice for Business – from SMEs to large corporates, for budding entrepreneurs to dreaming startups. It is known for its business friendly environment and a rapidly growing economy which attracts businesses from around the world. Although UAE is the world’s eighth largest oil producer, diversification is the key Government policy which is aimed at achieving sustainable growth.

The UAE’s two largest economies, Abu Dhabi and Dubai are leading the drive towards diversification. This far-seeing policy of economic diversification has increased the contribution of non oil sectors in the GDP of the country. The real GDP of the country expanded by 2.6% in the year 2016, mainly driven by a real growth of 2.7% of the non oil sector. (Central Bank of UAE. Annual Report 2016.)

Business Setup in UAE: What are the Benefits?

1. Politically Stable Environment

The UAE stands at the forefront for political and security stability in the region. It’s business climate is considered as one of the most favorable in the area with well defined and sound legal framework for businesses.

2. Growing and Diversified Economy

UAE is a major international center for business activity with a dynamic and rapidly growing economy. The UAE economy continues to grow despite regional and global challenges. It has successfully diversified from oil increasing the contribution of non-oil sectors in the economy.

Highlights of economic performance of UAE in 2015

  • Increase in Real GDP by 2.6%
  • Non-oil sector’s GDP contribution rose to about 77% at current prices and 70% at constant prices
  • Tourism development strategy by the Government yielded industry growth of 3.3%
3. World Class Infrastructure

UAE invests heavily in telecommunications, energy and industrial infrastructure, enabling it to have one of the best infrastructure facilities in the world. World class amenities are available in terms of office spaces, business parks, warehousing, utilities and transportation for foreign investors looking to set up in UAE.

4. Free Zones in Dubai and other Emirates

UAE is currently home to 45 free zones catering to the needs of various business categories. These specialised free zones are scattered over the seven emirates and offers various incentives for foreign companies to establish their presence in UAE. Some of the free zone benefits include:

  • 100% foreign ownership of companies
  • Easier start up processes
  • Low costs of company formation
  • Absence of corporate and personal income tax
  • Industry specific Infrastructure facilities within each free zone.
5. Manpower Availability

UAE’s liberal labor policies make it easy and cost effective to recruit employees from almost any part of the world. Abundance of skilled and unskilled labor makes it easier for new companies to find the required manpower for their business operations.

6. Investment Support & Promotion

Department of Economic Development (DED) is the authority responsible for driving UAE’s economic agenda while improving the business environment of the country. It develops economic plans and policies, identify and support strategic sectors and also provide administration services to local and international investors.

7. High Quality Lifestyle & Cultural Excellence

UAE’s heavy investment in real estate facilities such as hotels, residential and commercial properties, recreational and leisure facilities have made it one of the world’s most preferred expatriate locations. The country offers high quality of life and superior living conditions to its residence making it one of the most vibrant global destinations.

8. Strategic Location

UAE is very strategically located between the three continents Europe, Asia and Africa. It offers easy access to the GCC and the entire Middle East market. This helps to organize effectively an international trade flow with minimal costs. Modern sea and air transport companies, ports and airports in UAE are connected with all the international transport hubs providing the possibility to deliver goods from and into any part of the world.

9. Visionary Leadership

The extraordinary vision of the country’s leaders established UAE as one of the world’s most successful countries for international trade.

10. Open and Free Economic System

UAE has an open and free economic system which attracts many investors and business into the country. Government control and regulation of the private sector activities is kept to a minimum with no direct taxes on corporate profits or personal income. Liberal visa policies in UAE permit private sector businesses to recruit expatriate workers from almost all over the world.

Where you can setup your Business in UAE?

There are several options available to set up your business in the UAE. You can chose from the following options

Free zones in Dubai

Free zones in Dubai

Offshore Compnay Formation

Offshore Company Formation